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  • High Upon Stone

    Ice cracked bones

    Heart made of stone

    The statue sits upon its throne

    All alone birds tend

    Her loneliness

    Heeding her

    Muted cries

    Within is a heart

    That could never lie

    Outside a body and face

    That never shall lie


  • The Space Between

    The answer lies within a dream

    At the end of the rainbow

    Before it burns away

    Heat mist vapor trails

    Burning into thin air

  • Seaside Anchor


    The irony of the clock

    The ride has ended

    The ship has docked

    The captain has departed

    Sailors flocked

    Only the

    Seals and seabirds

    The sea shells and crusted oysters


    Upon glistening nighttime

    Sparkling moonlit



  • Boondocks the fearful kingdom



    Over the river stalking and swooping

    Birds of Prey

    Beneath the surface

    Fishes glide

    With the tide


    Down low

    Best keep on their dusty way

    Till the mother sun and twilight

    Fade into gentle moonlight

    And Blindness sends

    The wind stalkers away


    In the cold desolate night

    The forest creaks and groans

    Cool and cold winds breath heavy

    And groan

    -The sounds of night

    Creatures shutter and scatter

    Animals and natures

    Communal pains and woes

    Darwin’s asleep

    He cant hear the belly of the beast groan

    All now all alone

    Scared to the bone

    Salvation lies in fires illuminative light

    Piercing glow of the tapestry of night

    As the ghost horse runs wild

    Until shes free of what spooked her

    In her haunted yesterlife

  • Upon Yours


    In all the lies that you told

    Rest in peace

    Soul to sold

    In the dark mausoleum

    Sullenly dark


    Dimly bold

    In the winter

    Cruel and cold

    Heaven rest your soul

    Death has found you

    Found you

    In the heavens above

    Resting alone

  • Bearing barren

    Peso peasants

    Many shirtless

    Under the dreary sun

    Live the life unpleasant


    Mother earth

    For rain,

    A day another

    Fruit for the brother

    Toiling in the fields

    Wondering what tomorrow

    Shall yield

    While feeble grandmas and uncles.


    Weave nighttime warmth


    the cactus gods

    will relent

    and one day

    let the

    ripe burning

    thirsty and starving

    tribes heal

  • Campfire’s Light


    Chaos chemistry

    In the love of you and I

    Only true love exists

    The rest lies

     Lies told

    Lies that burn bright

    Under smoky twilights


    The campfire’s light

    Dead like the trees

    Of yesternight

    Burning bright



    In the night’s

    Moonlit air


    So very



  • Idle Phone

    Somehow I have a feeling

    Somehow I know

    My baby wont be calling tonight

    As the cold winds howl and blow

    The moon will shed her light

    The hard cold rain will fall

    Whilst in my dreams

    The sun shines of her love

    Rose petals beneath

    Morning sunbeams


    Some strange way

    Through the cold and lonely night

    The rain shall pass

    And in the morning

    The sunshine reflects

    In her bright eyes

    And smile

    my heart will ease

    her bright smile

    my aching heart

    will relieve

    truest of true loves

    when finally the doorbell sounds

    the phone rings

    I believe

  • Love is a remedy

    Cool rain on a summer’s day

    Sunrise chasing the darkness away

    Soft skin and bright eyes

    Smiles and the thrill of sweet surprise

    Starlight illuminating the skies

    After a stormy day’s demise

    Nectar and flowers as spring comes alive

    Lost in her gaze

    I slip away

    Mesmerized by her beauty

    Thoughts of her consume my days

    In wonder I anxiously await

    that a love so precious

    would come my way

    fill my heart

    and soothe my pains

  • To The Beat/Congo Square


    Indian drums

    Circular rhythm in the air

    Beats collide

    Upon the grass fields

    Dancers shake

    and rise

    Their minds floating

    Like parasailers in the sky

    No fuel

     the wind and rhythm

    their supply




    High in the sky


    Beneath their feet


    And the truth

    Tramples age old lies

    Fearless creatures

    Of yesterday

    Lie beneath wretched wrecked tombstones

    Crumbling Into the dirt

    As those upon whom

    blessed life and birth were given

    blood is passed on

    eternal worth

    Some fearing fate yet

    The fearful fear

    only awaiting is terrible surprise

    Fearful of their mother earth

    And Nature


    of the day of their haunted demise

    Still the faith

    Remains in the gentle hands

    Of the Gods

    Resting in the day

    And shining through the stars’ light

    Strong hearts race in the drum rhythm

    As the winds in the sky

    Wipe away fear

    And memories of the untold

    And unsacred lies

    While the Congos resound

    Echoing a tribal jungle night

    Drums roll and hum

    the beat goes on

    under a lucid twilight

    giving way to a piercing sky lit night

    fires burning on the earth and in the skies


    every yesternight


    As Storms come to pass

    The sun and stars


    Always out of reach

    From within seas of moonlight

    From the mountains to the beach

    the beat goes on and on

    Flowing like the rivers

    And endless waterfalls

    That we all seek

    Bumping and Grinding


    Ancient everlasting beats